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Listed below is a page from the book’s index.  In prior editions, Jon Ericson, the original author did the index and would usually use notes on walls and desks to create an index.  With the addition of Jim Slaughter and Gaut Ragsdale as co-authors for this edition, there was discussion about doing the index.  It was soon decided to contract out this activity to a professional indexer who had indexed many books and came highly recommended.   This person worked quickly and knew how to index a book, but to our knowledge she had never worked with three parliamentarians on an index.   After receiving the index back, we made over one-hundred-and-seven changes to the index!  The chief editor told one of us, probably Jim Slaughter, that it is unusual to have that many changes to an index.  In fact most authors make several and express gratitude for having selected a professional indexer to do the task.  So, the sample page from the index below represents the work of an accomplished professional indexer and three parliamentarians who take indexing very seriously, and consequently you will be hard pressed to discover a more detailed index in a work on parliamentary procedure.


boards (continued)

            quorum, 113-14

            recognizing members, 7

            seconds not required, 9, 42

            telephone meetings, 117, 121

business meetings, types, 117-18


            amendment, 26-27, 140-41

            electronic meetings, 117

            interpreting, 138-39

            proviso, 141

            Reconsider, 106, 171n68

            scope of previous notice, 27

            standing committees, 34

            suspending, 76


Call for the Orders of the Day, 49, 70, 94

call for the Previous Question.

            See Previous Question (Close Debate)

Cannon’s Concise Guide to Rules of Order (Cannon), 146

card systems

            cue cards for chair, 150-52

            for member recognition, 145-46

chair, 7-8, 10-12, 15-16, 142-144, 146

            announcing a vote, 12

            committee reports, 39, 40-42

            debate restrictions, 142-43

            directing debate, 10

            Division of the Assembly, 86-89, 170n59

            handling main motion, 15

            orders of the day, 49

            parliamentarian’s role, 147-48, 150-52

            Point of Order, 71, 72, 95, 144-45

            presenting main motions, 15

            when quorum is absent, 114, 115-16

            recognizing members, 145-46

            removal of disruptive member or

                 nonmember, 144

            removal of presiding officer, 145

            Request for Information, 90-91, 92, 93-94

            voting privileges, 127-128, 143 See also specific topics, e.g., Appeal, debate, voting

chair, committees

            participation rules, 36

            report presentations, 39, 41-42

            selection of, 35, 44

            uncooperative members, 37-38

changing one’s vote, 130

Cleary, James W., x

close debate. See Previous Question (Close Debate)

closed meeting. See executive session

co-chairs, committee, 35

committee of the whole, 43-44, 107, 167n37

Commit. See Refer

Committee on Standing Rules, 199


            acting on recommendations from, 40

            disciplining member, 37-38

            procedural rules, 35-38

            Reconsider, 106-7

            Refer, 34-35

            replacing member, 37-38

            reports, 38-42, 44, 167n34

            rules of procedure, 35

            seconds in, 36

            standing and special, 34

conflicts of interest, voting, 126-27

consent calendar or consent agenda, 133

consider informally, 43-44, 167n37

            consider seriatim, 84-85

            Consideration by Paragraph, 84-85

            considering a motion, steps, 7

            constitution. See bylaws

            continuing resolutions, 18-19

            convention, 119-20, 172n75

            convention rules, Suspend, 79

            creating a blank, 31-33, 166n33

            creating orders, 31-33, 47-49

            Credentials Committee, 119

            cue cards. See card systems

            cumulative voting, 133

            custom versus rule, 139-40


debate, 7, 10-11

            in boards, 42, 120

            chair participation, 142-43

            in committee of the whole, 43

            in committees, 35-36

            in conventions, 120

            electronic meetings, 117,121

            guideline for determining if motion is debatable, 23

            in informal consideration, 43

            imitation on, 51

            minority report, 42

            parliamentarian participation, 153

            Point of Order, 72

            public sessions, 118

            in quasi committee of the whole, 43

            Request for Information, 53, 91-92, 93

            rules governing, 51-52

            speaking against one’s own motion, 10

            during voting, 131

Demeter’s Manual (Demeter), 65, 88-89, 125, 135, 167n42, 169n57

disruptive member or nonmember, 144

Division of a Question (Divide a Motion), 19, 83-85

Division of the Assembly, 86-89, 170n59


elections, 128, 134-37

            See also nominations/elections

electronic meetings/voting, 117, 121, 129

emergency business, absence of quorum, 114-15

email voting, 129

Emery, Emogene, x

Evans, William J., x-xi

executive session, 118, 123

ex officio members, 37, 115, 121

extend debate, 50-52, 63, 85


facsimile (fax) voting, 129

filling a blank, 31-33, 166n33

Fix the Time to Which to Adjourn, 69, 114

floor, obtaining the

            and Adjourn, 68

            in boards, 7, 120

            in committees, 35

            during nondebatable Limit or Extend Limits of Debate, 51

            procedure, 7

            seconding of motions, 9

            See also recognizing members, procedural guidelines

friendly amendment, 26, 97



general orders, 47-49

germane guideline, Amend, 24-25, 165n28

“Gordian Knot” motion, 79, 169n56

Guerrilla Guide to Robert’s Rules, The (Sylvester), 15

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