Notes and Comments on Robert’s Rules

Table of Contents

Quick-reference charts of parliamentary motions are at the back of the book.

-Preface to the Fourth Edition vii

-Introduction ix

-Part I

   -Ranking of Motions 2

   -Order of Precedence 3

-Part II

   -Getting Started: Basic Provisions for Handling a Motion 7

-Part III

   -Main Motion 15

   -Postpone Indefinitely 20

   -Amend (the Amending Process) 23

   -Commit or Refer 34

   -Postpone to a Certain Time (or Definitely) 45

   -Limit or Extend Limits of Debate 50

   -Previous Question (Close Debate) 53

   -Lay on the Table 59

   -Raise a Question of Privilege 64

   -Recess 66

   -Adjourn 67

   -Fix the Time to Which to Adjourn 69

   -Point of Order 70

   -Appeal 73

   -Suspend the Rules 76

   -Objection to the Consideration of a Question 80

   -Division of a Question (Divide a Motion) 83

   -Division of the Assembly 86

   -Requests and Inquiries 90

   -Rescind or Amend Something Previously Adopted 99

   -Reconsider 101

-Part IV

   -Quorum 113

   -Meetings 117

   -Voting 124

   -Nominations and Elections 134

   -Bylaws 138

   -The Chair 142

   -The Parliamentarian 147

Notes & References

Notes 159

References 177

Index 185 - Click here for an excerpt 

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